Archeo Astronomy Tour of Petra

Wadi Musa - Petra


Petra, seen from a different angle! You will undoubtedly enjoy a tour that you won’t forget thanks to your local guide - Ma'moun Al-Nawafleh - who was born and raised in Wadi Musa. He will contribute his enthusiasm for Petra, the same enthusiasm that was passed down from his father.

The trip begins at Petra Visitor Center, where you will meet Ma'moun and start your tour. Here, you will learn about the renowned Nabatean civilisation, archeoastronomy of Petra, and the old clocks that are carved into its ancient walls.

After enjoying a delicious traditional supper and watching the sunset from Al-Bayda area, you may begin your stargazing experience with a laser pointer and telescope to explore the night mesmerizing sky.

2-3 Hours
Group Size
Family Friendly

Hosted by

Ma’moun  Al Nawafleh

Ma’moun Al Nawafleh

Ma’moun Al Nawafleh, married. Ma’moun began his project in 1998 by researching Petra, the Nabataean civilization, the archeoastronomy of Petra, and the ancient clocks carved into its walls. Ma’moun says that Petra is always a very popular destination for tourists, therefore there are no main struggles for any tourism projects and experiences there. He has dedicated 24 years of his life to this project, using his research to benefit Jordan's tourism industry and the local community. He hopes to continue to grow and maintain this project for the greater benefit of Jordan by providing in-depth information and historical context to enhance the visitor's experience in Petra.