Sustainable Tourism

Sustainable tourism is a responsible and ethical form of travel that prioritizes the well-being of local communities, cultures, and the environment. It offers a unique, authentic, and meaningful travel experience for visitors while ensuring the preservation of local traditions and ecosystems. By fostering a harmonious balance between economic, social, and environmental considerations, sustainable tourism supports the development of vibrant communities and protects the natural beauty of destinations for future generations to enjoy.

Sustainable Jordan

Jordan is a destination that boasts rich cultural and historical heritage, diverse natural wonders, and friendly people. It is home to one of the seven wonders of the world and the lowest point on Earth, and receives an average of 5 million visitors annually. Jordan offers a variety of experiences for travelers seeking cultural immersion, stunning natural attractions, and ancient archaeological wonders.

In addition to its rich history, Jordan is known for its vibrant food scene and is a melting pot of diverse cultures. Visitors can experience the traditions, recipes, beliefs, and practices of nomadic Bedouins in the desert, Druze and Chechens in Al Azraq, and mountain villagers in the north. Jordan is also famous for its hospitable people, where hospitality is a deeply-rooted tradition and way of life. To ensure sustainable and inclusive tourism, Jordan has made efforts to protect the environment and directly benefit local communities.


Yes, Jordan is safe for solo female travelers. Of course, normal precautions should be taken like not walking alone at night and familiarizing yourself with areas to avoid.