Herbal & Medical Soap Making



Set on a captivating journey of herbal alchemy with Um Khaled, where the secrets of Jordan's botanical treasures come to life. Under her expert guidance, participants immerse themselves in the art of crafting therapeutic soaps and herbal remedies using locally sourced ingredients like mint, chamomile, parsley, and essential oils. As you blend these natural elements, you'll discover the transformative power of holistic skincare firsthand.

Um Khaled's workshops offer more than just practical knowledge; they create a space for camaraderie and storytelling, where laughter fills the air and bonds are forged. Together with fellow adventurers, you'll share in the joy of creating potions that address a range of skin concerns.

Join Um Khaled on this enchanting journey to unlock the magic of organic herbal wellness and skincare, one bubbly brew at a time. As you delve into the age-old wisdom of botanical remedies, you'll emerge with newfound skills and a deeper appreciation for the natural treasures of Jordan's landscapes.

1 Hour
Group Size
Family Friendly

Hosted by

Um Khaled

Um Khaled

Um Khaled, a retired Arabic language teacher originally from Jerash, began her transformative journey into the world of soap making and herbal medicine. Transitioning from rural life to the bustling city of Amman, Um Khaled found inspiration to pursue her passion for natural remedies. With over 15 to 17 years of dedicated research and hands-on experience, Um Khaled has become an expert in alternative medicine, herbal remedies, and the therapeutic properties of oils and herbs. She has meticulously crafted over 20 types of therapeutic and cosmetic soaps, targeting skin concern as acne, pigmentation, eczema, burns, and wrinkles. With her compassionate spirit and dedication to holistic wellness, Um Khaled is committed to spreading awareness of the benefits of natural skincare and empowering others to embrace a healthier lifestyle.