Off-roading in Rahmeh



Discover diverse terrain of the Al-Nkheleh region with thrilling buggy off-roading tours organized by the buggy bike project. Delve into the picturesque landscape, where water, lush trees, and golden sand dunes converge, offering a mesmerising panorama waiting to be explored.

Set out on exploratory trips and tours offered by the buggy bike project, promising adrenaline-fueled adventures for all. Navigate challenging landscapes, maneuvering over undulating sand dunes and winding valleys, immersing yourself in the thrill of off-roading amidst breathtaking natural scenery.

Drive into the captivating sunrise and sunset from various scenic viewpoints scattered across the region. As the sun paints the sky with vibrant shades, casting its golden light over the landscape, visitors can't help but be enchanted by the magical atmosphere created by nature.

2 hrs
Group Size
Family Friendly

Hosted by

 Al-Nkheleh  Tourism Association

Al-Nkheleh Tourism Association

The Al-Nkheleh Tourism Association, established in 2012 with its headquarters located at the Rahmah Visitors Center, is a civil society organization affiliated with the Cooperative Association. Its aim is to promote Al-Nkahleeh city as a touristic region to provide income for its local community. The general assembly of the association comprises 220 members. It offers a range of services such as stargazing, camping, stargazing, and diverse hiking trails through its numerous valleys like Al-Nkheleh Valley and Ahimer Valley, which connect Petra to Wadi Rum through a mountainous range that includes resting spots under palm trees and water springs. and owns the buggies, aimed at providing exploratory trips in the form of multiple-timed tours ranging from one to six hours.