Rural Life in Dhana

Al Tafileh


Embark on an unforgettable journey as you immerse yourself in the vibrant tapestry of life within Dhana village. Delve deep into the heart of rural living, where warm and welcoming families will graciously open their homes and share their cherished traditions with you.

Begin your adventure by stepping into the world of ancient culinary techniques. Experience the art of traditional bread making, where expert hands skillfully knead and shape dough into fragrant, oven-fresh loaves that embody generations of wisdom and craftsmanship. Feel the joy of connecting with the land as you join the locals in cultivating the fertile soil, sowing seeds, and tending to the crops that sustain their livelihoods.

Venture into the enchanting realm of goat milking, where the gentle rhythm of life intertwines with the comforting presence of these gentle creatures. Discover the secrets of nurturing and caring for the goats, as you learn to milk them with gentle precision, fostering a newfound appreciation for the delicate balance between man and nature.

1-2 Hours
Group Size
Family Friendly

Hosted by

Khaled Al-Khawaldeh

Khaled Al-Khawaldeh, a father to a child, has extensive 8 years experience as a guide. He offers a unique rural experience by hosting visitors in his home and guiding them through the daily routines of locals, such as traditional bread making, goat milking, land cultivating, traditional cookie making and enjoying a traditional meal. Despite being impacted by COVID-19, Khaled remains passionate and dedicated to his village and offers this as an added value to visitors' experience in Dhana village.