Chechen Experience

Al Azraq


Your Chechen experience will begin at a Chechen house, where you will be briefed and introduced to the culture, heritage, rituals, and traditions.

Your Chechen host will present you with arts and crafts as well as traditional clothing from the local heritage. Wear their beautiful clothing and enjoy the tasting of the traditional cuisine and folklore dancing while listening to Chechen music.

Chechens are originally from Chechnya - located in the North of the Caucasus Mountains - and were amongst the first settlers in Azraq region, where their culture has vastly influenced the area.

1-2 Hours
Group Size
Family Friendly

Hosted by

Basma Najati

Basma Othman is determined to revive and promote the Chechen heritage that is not well-known to many. She sees this as an opportunity to educate visitors about the rich culture, traditions, and language of the Chechen people. Through her project, she plans to showcase the traditional arts and crafts, clothing and cuisine of the local heritage. Visitors will have the opportunity to experience the culture by wearing traditional clothing, taste the traditional cuisine, and participate in folklore dancing while listening to Chechen music. Despite facing challenges with a lack of resources and support for her project, Basma remains determined to overcome these obstacles and achieve her goal of spreading awareness of the Chechen culture.