Myasar Hiary

Balqa - Al Salt


Live a cultural, rural, and agritourism adventure at Myasar Guesthouse, where tradition meets hospitality in the heart of Jordan.

Hosted by Myasar, you will indulge in traditional cuisine showcasing Jordan's culinary heritage and savour jams made by Myasar. Explore the Salti culture through experiences like trying on traditional attire and getting a henna tattoo.

Myasar Guesthouse offers more than just food—it's a journey into rural life. Join us in collecting eggs, milking goats, and harvesting crops from our fields. You will explore plastic houses filled with indigenous plants, where vibrant arrays await, showcasing Jordan's natural beauty.

Every moment at Myasar Guesthouse is an opportunity to connect, learn, and experience authentic Jordanian culture. Join us for an unforgettable adventure into the heart of rural Jordan.

1-2 Hours
Group Size
Family Friendly

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Myasar Hiary

Myasar Hiary

Myasar Hiary, has transformed her home into a guesthouse, marking the beginning of her journey in jam-making. Her venture has not only attracted local delegations but also caught the interest of Japanese foreigners seeking training in this craft. Myasar's aspirations extend beyond the guesthouse as she envisions acquiring a larger piece of land to establish a factory. Her goal is to involve the local community, creating significant job opportunities. Myasar Al-Hiary's narrative is a compelling story of entrepreneurship, cultural elitism, and a commitment to uplifting her community.