Rum Stables

Wadi Rum


Embark on an extraordinary adventure at Rum Stables, nestled in the captivating landscapes of Wadi Rum. Experience the thrill of desert safari trips on horseback, exploring the ancient traditions of the Bedouin. As the first stable catering to international visitors, Rum Stables offers a unique equestrian experience.

Let Rum Stables lighten your adventure spirit and create lasting memories in the heart of Wadi Rum.

2-4 Hours
Group Size
Family Friendly

Hosted by

Atallah Al-Sweilhyeen

Atallah Al-Sweilhyeen, father of 4, is a dedicated individual who owns a horse stable project in Wadi Rum, specifically designed for equestrian purposes. He was the first to establish a stable in the region that caters to foreigners and tourists, offering them thrilling desert safari trips on horseback. Atallah's commitment and passion for his project led him to become the first Jordanian to obtain a certificate as an Arabian horse riding guide in the southern region.