Zara Cliff Walk



The Zara Cliff Walking Trail offers an exciting adventure for tourists at the Dead Sea. This scenic trail winds along rugged cliffs, providing stunning panoramic views. Informative signposts share details about the region's geology, flora, and fauna, enhancing the experience. Visitors may encounter local wildlife along the way, adding to the charm of the adventure.

At sunset, the trail becomes magical, with warm colors illuminating the cliffs and sea. With a length of 1.4 km, the Zara Cliff Walking Trail promises an unforgettable adventure, blending thrill and tranquility for tourists exploring the Dead Sea region.

30 minutes
Group Size
Family Friendly

Hosted by

Anis  Al-Breizat

Anis Al-Breizat

Anis Al-Breizat, owner of Panorama Dead Sea, which includes the Zara Cliff Walk, boasts extensive experience in the tourism industry. His significant past experience has played a crucial role in cultivating strong leadership within Panorama. During his university studies, he served as a guide for tourist groups in valleys and natural areas, a journey that substantially contributed to the development of his leadership skills. Anis's vision revolves around creating a unique tourism product that enables visitors to immerse themselves safely and joyfully in Jordan's nsture. By showcasing the country's astonishing natural wealth, Anis aims to leave an indelible and beautiful memory in the minds of tourists. Anis remains steadfast in his goal to contribute to the local community's prosperity and to offer tourists an authentic and memorable Jordanian experience