Yarmouk Women Basket Weaving

Umm Qais


Weaving with banana leaves, palm leaves, and straw is an ancient tradition that has been passed down through generations. You will sit with experienced local women and artisans to learn and possibly master the intricate skills required to weave a simple design.

You will then make your own coaster to take home as a souvenir. Many other products and baskets made locally are available for purchase.

This experience will take place at the Umm Qais archaeological site.

1 Hour
Group Size
Family Friendly

Hosted by

Aseel Al Nawafleh | Nour Al Abed| Manal Al Mansour| Tahani Al Sayyah

Four women and mothers (Aseel Al Nofal, Nour Al Abed, Manal Al Mansour, Tahani Al Sayyah) began a traditional craft business in 2019, creating plates, trays, chairs, and shelves from plant waste such as palm leaves, straw, corn stalks, and bones using a small initial investment of 150 Dinars. They were passionate about the work and were able to start immediately after receiving training on a palm leaf for only three days. They were able to exhibit their work in a room at the Umm Qais Visitors Center. Despite not earning any profits for over a year, they continued to work and create display stands, brochures, and pamphlets under the name "Lady of the Handicrafts." They brought in trainers to teach them new techniques and were able to train other local women at low costs or for free. They faced challenges due to the Coronavirus pandemic and have not been able to sell their products but they are still working hard to grow and develop their project and hope to make it a national project that preserves their cultural heritage and is environmentally friendly.