Wool Fluffing & Stitching

Al Karak


Take yourself on a unique cultural journey as you step into a welcoming home in Karak, offering a hands-on experience in the art of fluffing wool, stitching, and embroidery. The outdoor garden becomes the setting for your cultural exploration, where a warm cup of Arabic coffee awaits, setting the tone for a traditional and cultural experience. Learn the story of shearing wool, witnessing the delicate process of fluffing it using canes. Learn the intricate art of turning fluffed wool into multiple beautiful items used at home.

As you absorb the rich history of traditional dresses, each with its unique embroidery, story, and purpose, you're invited to try on these clothes for a personal connection to the cultural heritage. Capture these unforgettable moments through photographs, creating lasting memories. Top off your experience by creating your own stitching project on framed cloth, guided by skilled artisans. The masterpiece you create becomes a cherished keepsake, a reminder of the cultural journey you undertook in Karak.

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1-2 Hours
Group Size
Family Friendly

Hosted by

Fawzeyeh Abu Azmi

Meet Fawzeyeh Abu Azmi, a mother whose life is woven with threads of maternal love and care. With high expertise in the delicate arts of fluffing wool, stitching, and embroidery, her hands bear the mark of craftsmanship passed down through generations, creating a tapestry that reflects their dedication to preserving traditional skills. Fawzeyeh's passion to share her craft with the world has created a commitment to offering a hands-on experience for tourists. In her welcoming home, visitors are invited into the world of wool craftsmanship and embroidery, where the rich heritage of their skills comes to life. Despite residing in a remote area, Fawzeyeh aspires to showcase the craft to a wider audience, spreading the beauty of their skills and the warmth of her family bonds.