Stone and Chisel

Umm Qais


Through an introduction on ancient Romanian art, and a guided lesson located in Umm Qais' archaeological site, you will learn how to create and design your own piece of stone.

Stone masons have adopted this ancient Rome craft for centuries to create a wide variety of artwork. It is rare to find societies that still use Roman tools in stone masonry and it requires a high level of accuracy and skill.

As a part of the stone masonry experience, you will deepen your knowledge on this exquisite style of art, and use that knowledge practically on your own piece of stone.

1 Hour
Group Size
Family Friendly

Hosted by

Sultan Al Rusan

Sultan Al Rusan, a father of six, has a long-standing love and experience in handicrafts. It began when he was in school, winning an award for his best artwork made from stone. His teacher supported him in developing his skills, and now he has the experience and workshop to pass on the knowledge and skills he has acquired over his lifetime. This project is the primary source of income for the family. However, they face challenges with a lack of visitors due to poor promotion and the remote location of Umm Qais, making it difficult for tourists to reach. Sultan also dreams of making this an award-winning workshop, showcasing his skills and craftsmanship to a larger audience.