Simsimiyya Music Experience



Listening to Faraj's traditional Aqaba music and taking a sesame instrument lesson is a memorable and enriching experience for both seasoned musicians and beginners. It's a unique opportunity to connect with Aqaba's rich cultural heritage and experience the joy of music-making in a beautiful and authentic setting.

In addition to his performances and music lessons, Faraj is also passionate about preserving the traditional music and culture of Aqaba. He believes that it is essential to keep the heritage alive and to pass it down to future generations.

Faraj's performances and music lessons provide not only an opportunity to learn about traditional Aqaba music but also to support the local community. By participating in his activities, visitors are helping to preserve and promote Aqaba's cultural heritage, which is crucial for the area's economic development and sustainability.

1-2 Hours
Group Size
Family Friendly

Hosted by

Faraj Al Dawodieh

Faraj is a professional musician who specializes in playing the Sesame instrument. He is struggling to expand his project due to the high cost of purchasing the necessary tools and equipment needed to record and play music at a high quality. Faraj is a self-taught musician who developed a passion for the Sesame and dedicated himself to mastering the instrument. He has participated in music festivals and aspires to join larger ones and even travel abroad to share his talent and music with a wider audience.