Silver Making Experience

Wadi Musa - Petra


At a local residence in Wadi Mousa, a silver making event will take place.

You will be greeted by your host with a cup of Arabic coffee, and then given an introduction to the process of making silver, the tools to use, and the safety precautions.

Your personal silver piece will be designed, shaped, measured, and soldered. The designs are mostly inspired by Petra's history and culture.

Eventually you will own a a piece of silver jewelry that you have designed yourself.

1-2 Hours
Group Size
Family Friendly

Hosted by

Basma  Al Hassanat

Basma Al Hassanat

Basma Al Hassanat embarked on her project after completing comprehensive training. Driven by a shared vision with her friend to start their own silvermaking business in Wadi Musa, it marks the first of its kind in the region for silver making. As partners, they established this pioneering endeavor, blending innovation with tradition to craft exquisite silver pieces. Fueled by their passion and patience, Basma and her partner wholeheartedly dedicate themselves to the project's growth. Looking ahead, Basma envisions a path of growth and expansion. Her aspiration is to captivate international markets with their unique and timeless designs. Through dedication and creativity, they aim to leave a lasting impact on the world of silver making.