Shrak Making at Beit Al Ward



Experience the authentic and unique Bread Making Experience in Aqaba with local woman Aysha. Learn the traditional techniques of Shrak bread-making from a master of the craft, using traditional equipment and ingredients to produce a delicious product. As part of the experience, guests can also taste traditional Aqaba dishes, further immersing themselves in the local culinary traditions.

Aysha's commitment to preserving and sharing the art of Shrak bread-making has seen her present this tradition at various tourism events, and she is involved with the Beit Al Ward Women's Cooperative Association. By participating in this experience, visitors not only get a taste of Aqaba's culture but also contribute to the preservation of local traditions and support the local community. This experience is a must-do for anyone looking for an authentic and enriching cultural experience in Aqaba.

2 Hours
Group Size
Family Friendly

Hosted by

Aysha Al Amareen

Aysha is a married mother of eight children who started her bread-making project at the age of 18. Despite the challenges of exposure, she has been able to present her bread to bigger shops and hopes to expand her project in the future. Aysha is passionate about providing high-quality products and experiences to her customers and aspires to introduce new products alongside her Shrak bread in the future.