Sayadeyyeh Making



Experience an authentic taste of Aqaba with local chef Mohammad Atili as your guide. Join him for a unique cooking lesson and discover the secrets behind his famous Sayadeyyeh, a mouth-watering Aqaba specialty made with fresh fish, rice, and a variety of aromatic ingredients.

Learn how to prepare this traditional dish using time-honored techniques and hear about its cultural significance in the community. Share a meal with Mohammad as you indulge in the flavors of Aqaba and connect with locals through the universal language of food. Don't miss this unforgettable culinary experience in one of Jordan's most vibrant cities.

After the cooking class, you'll sit down to enjoy the delicious meal with Mohammad, savoring the flavors and hospitality of Aqaba. Don't miss this opportunity to learn about local cuisine and connect with the community through food.

1-2 Hours
Group Size
Family Friendly

Hosted by

Mohammad Attilti

Mohammad Attilti

Mohammad Attilti, driven by his passion for seafood and a culinary dream in his heart, embarked on his journey of making Sayyadeyeh from his home six years ago with a vision to establish his name internationally among other seafood dishes. Driven by his passion for cooking and dedication to delivering the highest quality dishes, Mohammad has steadily progressed in his endeavor. His unwavering commitment fuels his aspirations to not only further develop his business but also to explore innovative culinary avenues. Mohammad dreams of his dishes impressing people worldwide, making him a seafood expert.