Saltos Ceramics Art Experience

Al Salt


Pottery is a known art, but everything feels different in an old city, guided by the hands of locals that have carried their heritage, traditions, and skills from previous generations.

You will be introduced to the tools that are used during the class of cutting-edge pottery and ceramic equipment to later customize your very own handmade pottery and take it back home as a memento of Al-Salt.

This will take place in the Salt development corporation center.

1 Hour
Group Size
Family Friendly

Hosted by

Khalida Khraisat

Khalida Khraisat, a mother of 2, is a driven entrepreneur. Her startup in support of her husband, Saltos Ceramic Art, is a manifestation of her deep passion for the art of ceramics. Like any new venture, Khalida encountered obstacles at the beginning, however, she approached these challenges with a positive mindset and transformed them into opportunities for growth. Khalida's innovative strategies, such as participating in local exhibitions and showrooms, helped her build brand awareness and expand her network in the industry. Committed to nurturing talent, she opened a pottery training program, imparting her skills to aspiring potters and fostering a community of passionate artists. Khalida also introduced immersive pottery experiences, attracting visitors and showcasing the region's cultural heritage. Her dream is to establish a dedicated pottery center, providing state-of-the-art facilities and guidance to inspire others in their artistic pursuits. With unwavering determination, a commitment to education, and the support of her husband, Khalida aims to promote ceramics, create memorable experiences, and make a lasting impact on the artistic community through Saltos Ceramic Art.