Romantic Dining Experience

Al Salt


Romance is in simplicity and warmth. To overlook the ancient city of Al-Salt, its homes dim lights and its simple architecture with your someone special is unforgettable. It does not end there, but imagine a dinner made by the loving hands of a local woman - Tasneem Kokash - with outstanding culinary skills.
Candles, music, a breathtaking view, and a mouthwatering meal is all you need for a romantic evening at Al-Salt city.

1-2 Hours
Group Size
Family Friendly

Hosted by

Tasneem Kokash

Tasneem Kokash, a mother of three and the creator of a project that hosts romantic dinners in the city of Al Salt, faces difficulties with the high cost of living and limited income. The project began when she noticed the large number of tourists and visitors to the city who appreciate the beautiful views and warm hospitality of the locals. She hopes to expand the project in the future, and to reach financial stability.