Reef Al-Yanabee Rest



Reef Al-Yanabee rest is run and managed by Um Anas - a local Jordanian woman. It is located in the heart of Ajloun's mountains and near Ajloun Forest Reserve and Burqesh Forest.

Gain some knowledge on the Jordanian culture and cuisine at the rest by taking part in hands-on cooking experiences guided by a local family. Experiment with live cooking (BBQ, Sajiyeh, Manaqeesh) or order a traditional meal from Ajloun's flavorful menu.

Hiking trails are available around the rest in multiple Forests and Nature reserves located in Ajloun's green mountains.

1-2 Hours
Group Size
Family Friendly

Hosted by

Heyam Gharaibeh

Heyam Gharaibeh, also known as Um Anas, is a single mother who has raised her 7 children on her own. She runs a project that provides tourists with a unique cultural experience by sharing knowledge about Jordanian culture and cuisine through hands-on cooking experiences guided by her. Despite facing many difficulties in her life, Um Anas has turned her passion into reality and is determined to continue growing her project. She believes the secret to her success is making traditional food the way her grandmother used to, and she continues to strive for growth despite financial challenges caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.