Najd & Shahd: Eastern Handicrafts Workshop



In the heart of Madaba's Visitors Center, “Najd and Shahd'' is a workshop for Eastern handicrafts and mosaics. Located strategically near the Madaba Visitors Center, the Mosaic School, and the Church of the Virgin, the workshop offers a diverse range of handicrafts, including mosaics, ostrich egg art, antique utensils, embroidered items, and luxurious carpets. Visitors not only have the chance to purchase these unique creations but also engage in the art of creating mosaics, experiencing firsthand the assembly of pieces and design.

“Najd and Shahd” workshop is a cultural haven where visitors become active participants in the preservation of artistic traditions. Beyond the opportunity to acquire one-of-a-kind creations, guests are invited to explore the rich world of mosaic artistry. Guided by skilled instructors, visitors can enjoy themselves in the process of mosaic creation, gaining insights into the ancient techniques of assembling intricate pieces. This hands-on experience creates a deeper connection to the art form and allows individuals to leave not just with a crafted masterpiece but also with an enriched understanding of the craftsmanship that defines the culture of Madaba.

2-3 Hours
Group Size
Family Friendly

Hosted by

Mohannad Bajjali

Meet Mohannad Bajjali, a dedicated father of five, and the visionary behind the “Najd & Shahid” workshop. Specializing in handicrafts, souvenirs, and mosaics, their journey has been one marked by challenges and achievements. From the initial struggles of setting up the store due to material preparation issues, they gradually expanded their work and opened both workshops and a store. This project is deeply personal for Mohannad, born out of a passionate hobby for handicrafts, souvenirs, and the intricate artistry of mosaics. Living in the enchanting atmosphere of the archaeological area intensified his fascination with the idea, leading to the inception of this workshop in collaboration with his mother. With two dedicated employees in the store, Mohannad actively brings in students, providing training and assistance in their work. Looking ahead, Mohannad's goal is to expand the project, benefiting a larger number of employees in the community, both young women and men. The aim is to reach new heights and continually enhance the positive impact of our project on the cultural and economic landscape.