Nabatean Ladies Silver Making



With a warm cup of tea, a quick explanation of how silver is made, the instruments you will use, and safety precautions, you will have entered the experience of silver jewelry making.

Following that, you will learn how to create your own work of art out of silver. From designing it to shaping and polishing, you will be guided step by step until you have got a wearable piece.

As a souvenir of your magical time spent at Wadi Mousa, you will return home with a unique, handmade, and stunning silver ring or bracelet!

1-2 Hours
Group Size
Family Friendly

Hosted by

Fawziyeh AL- Hassanat

Fawziyeh Al Hassanat, a mother of 5, founded The Nabatean Ladies Cooperative Association in 1999 with the goal of empowering women living in Wadi Musa by providing opportunities for learning and self-sufficiency within the community. Despite the challenges of high cost of living and low income, Fawziyeh started the project due to a lack of job opportunities in the area. She trains women, many of whom were young and still in school, to become self-sufficient and support themselves through starting their own businesses. She views these women not as competitors, but as allies in creating more opportunities for women in the community and benefiting the tourism sector in Jordan. This project is like a child to her, and she is never satisfied with the level they have reached and believes there is always room for improvement. Her dream is to open more projects to give more women chances, as she was once in their place. The association is well-known for its unique silver jewelry designs and products, made by local women, and also offers the experience of making your own silver jewelry to tourists visiting the workshop.