Mosaic Making Experience in Amman



Step into the vibrant world of mosaic art and unleash your creativity in our captivating mosaic workshop. Join Hind for an unforgettable experience as she guides you through the intricate process of crafting your very own mosaic masterpiece.

Upon arrival, you will be warmly welcomed into Hind's cozy and inspiring studio space. Surrounded by a treasure trove of colorful tiles and a variety of mosaic materials, you'll feel a surge of excitement and anticipation. As a skilled and passionate instructor, Hind will introduce you to the ancient art of mosaic, sharing its rich history and showcasing stunning examples of mosaic artworks.

1-2 Hours
Group Size
Family Friendly

Hosted by

Hind Al Hyari

Hind, a single mother of four, has faced the challenges of finding a job to support her family. However, her passion for mosaic art, combined with her certification in the craft, has driven her to start her own project. In addition to supporting her children, Hind's project incorporates Jordanian culture by sourcing mosaic rocks from various regions of the country and selecting designs that represent its rich heritage. Her aspiration is to raise awareness of this art form in Jordan and amplify her voice through her project. Hind's dedication to her craft and her commitment to providing for her family serve as an inspiring example for her children and the community.