Madaba City Corner for Mosaic



Step into the cultural offerings of Madaba at the mosaic workshop, where the town's rich heritage unfolds for every visitor. Initiated with the establishment of the workshop, the vision is not merely to showcase Madaba's authentic cultural legacy but to craft genuine artworks through immersive experiences.

Within the workshop, tourists are guided through hands-on mosaic creation, forming diverse panels with various shapes and designs. This interactive experience extends beyond participation, encouraging individuals to personalise their designs. Additionally, the workshop offers commitment to the local community too, providing programs for students, supporting their artistic exploration. Despite the challenges posed by demands from tourist guides and adapting to the dynamics of group tours, the team's determination pushes the workshop forward. Under Majdi's persistent guidance, each visitor witnesses the distinctive and genuine crafts of Madaba, with the ultimate goal of expanding the workshop's reach and establishing a renowned reputation for offering authentic pieces capturing the essence of this ancient town.

1 Hour
Group Size
Family Friendly

Hosted by

Majdi Al-Shawabkeh

Meet Majdi Al-Shawabkeh, an artisan whose handicraft journey dates back to 1998, enriched by experiences working alongside Italian craftsmen. Rooted in Madaba, Majdi is dedicated to sharing the cultural legacy of this vibrant town with visitors. His vision is to immerse guests in an authentic experience, sharing a profound understanding of Madaba's rich heritage. The idea of his mosaic workshop arose from the desire not only to showcase the town's cultural authenticity but also to craft genuine artworks that reflect its essence. Despite challenges, including demands from tourist guides for high commissions and navigating the dynamics of group tours, Majdi's unwavering determination pushes him forward. His ultimate goal is expanding the workshop's reach and establishing a renowned reputation for offering authentic and exceptional pieces, ensuring that Madaba's cultural legacy continues to shine through his efforts.