Jameed Making

Al Karak


Karak - the Kingdom of Jameed. Known for its Mansaf.

Before the lifechanging Mansaf meal at Beit Al Jameed, there is a journey that consists of three stops.

  1. Contrasting Jordanian Jameed varieties.
  2. Sampling Jameed and tasting herbs used for the production process.
  3. A brief demonstration of the production, from the goat milking, boiling and soaring the milk, to the shaping of the Jameed into a rock. Finally, the last piece of the experience puzzle is the making of Mansaf using the Jameed.

This authentic experience is hosted by Beit Al Jameed - that accommodates a total of 11 visitors in the three rooms of the house.

2-3 Hours
Group Size
Family Friendly

Hosted by

Amani Al-Bashabsheh

Amani Al-Bashabsheh, a mother of a 7-year-old, runs a project that offers a complete Jameed experience, from the making of the Jameed to the enjoyment of the most famous dish made with it, Mansaf. She dreams of creating a place and experience that is the best in southern Jordan for all visitors, both international and national tourists. However, due to the seasonal nature of the project, Aman has difficulty employing staff and relies on help from family members, who may not have the same level of hospitality skills. Additionally, the project struggles from a lack of exposure.