Jameed Making with Amneh

Al Karak


Go on a hands-on culinary adventure in the city of Al-Karak with Amneh as your guide. Learn the ancient craft of making Jameed, where the entire process unfolds before your eyes. Feel the texture of the yogurt transforming, witness the careful and intricate steps, and experience the captivating aromas as tradition comes to life.

Afterwards, indulge in the famous Jordanian dish, Mansaf, either prepared by yourself or presented as an option. Let the delicious flavors and cultural richness fill your senses, dancing on your taste buds in an unforgettable culinary experience.

You can also explore making other dairy products such as Labaneh, and delve into a variety of seasonal vegetables, including olives, makdous, and stuffed baby peppers with Labaneh in Amneh's kitchen. It's a compassionate journey through flavors and traditions, offering you an enriching experience.

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1-2 Hours
Group Size
Family Friendly

Hosted by

Amneh Al-Arud

Meet Amneh Al-Arud, a devoted mother of four, who extends a warm invitation to an authentic and complete culinary experience in her home in Karak, Jordan. From the craft of making Jameed (dried yogurt) to the delightful savoring of Mansaf, Amneh opens her doors for you to enjoy yourself in a process that embodies a sincere family atmosphere. Reflecting generosity, hospitality, and the authenticity of the local community, Amneh's culinary journey takes you through the heart of Karak's rich heritage. Despite residing in a remote area, Amneh aspires to host individuals from all nationalities, introducing them to the genuine and diverse culinary traditions of Jordan. This is an opportunity to not only savor the flavors but to participate in the creation of traditional dishes, creating a connection with the vibrant culinary of the region.