Fatima Guesthouse Traditional Food

Al Salt


To truly be able to say that you have absorbed the culture and lifestyle of a new setting, sitting with locals around a dinner table and listening to their stories as you are enjoying a traditional meal, in a traditional home, is the secret to authenticity.

Homes and families in Al-Salt are known for their generosity and warmth. Fatima Al Zoubi welcomes you to join them for a meal in her historic home as she shows you her skills at storytelling.

Feed your mind, heart, and stomach with everything Fatima has got to offer, and do not miss out on learning the unique coffee rituals in Al-Salt.

1-2 Hours
Group Size
Family Friendly

Hosted by

Fatima Al Zoubi

Fatima Al Zoubi, a 54-year-old mother of a family of seven, transformed her home into a destination for visitors and tourists. She was inspired by an experience she had in Japan, and leveraged the prime location of her house, which is near many popular tourist spots in Al Salt. Fatima is proud to have hosted many notable individuals in her home, and has received multiple awards for her project and homemade products. Her home offers guests a warm and authentic experience of Al Salt, including traditional food, ceremonies, and the warmth of the local community. The challenge she faced was the community's initial misunderstanding of hosting visitors in the same house where her family lives, but her family was determined to overcome these challenges.