Dhana Traditional Clothing Photography

Al Tafileh


The journey begins in Dhana village where you will be talked briefly into the history and culture of the community, with your host Nour.

You will be able to feel closer to the culture when you get a photo taken while wearing an embroidered traditional outfit that has been handcrafted by local women. The traditional wear is embroidered with cross-stitched patterns that represent the culture of Al-Tafileh.

Local photographer Mohammed Al-Khbesa will sign your photo as a souvenir of your trip and experience at Dhana Village.

1 Hour
Group Size
Family Friendly

Hosted by

Mohammed Al-Khbesa

Mohammed-Nour Al-Khbesa is a photographer who started as an ambitious youth in 2011 taking photographs of Dhana, the village where he was born and raised. He began as an amateur photographer using a phone camera and gradually built his skills and equipment, turning his hobby into a career. He later created galleries and participated in bazaars and events focused on the heritage and culture of the area. His goal is to showcase the beauty of Dhana through his photography and attract more tourists to the region to learn about its heritage, culture, and traditions. He also created a pit stop where visitors can dress in traditional attire and learn more about Jordan and its history. He believes this project will benefit the economy of Jordan and that it started for the collective benefit before individualistic motives.