Busayrah Cultural Heritage Institute

Al Tafileh


After the magical duo of traditional breakfast and a hot cup of tea, your experience will be enhanced with the option to create handicrafts that focus on the culture and traditions of Al Busayrah village. You can take your handcrafted good back home as a memento to show-off your new acquired mosaic and ceramics skills to your loved ones!

Busayrah Heritage Institute in collaboration with Ein Lahtha Eco Camp offer a camping trip called "Wadi Al Arz".

The institute also offers live cooking classes, guided hiking trails, and access to Hareth Ben Umair's shrine.

1-2 Hours
Group Size
Family Friendly

Hosted by

Safa'a Al-Rufou

Safaa’ Al Rfou is a woman who holds a Masters degree in archeology and has six years of experience in heritage tourism. She is the founder of the heritage and cultural institute in Al Busayrah village, which focuses on managing heritage tourism in the area and supporting the production of local produce. The institute offers various activities such as creating handicrafts, camping trips, live cooking classes and guided hiking trails. The goal is to attract more tourists, create job opportunities for local women, promote local products and benefit the local economy. Safaa’ works to create job opportunities for locals and develop youth skills in the tourism sector, with the dream that the Busayrah Heritage Cultural Institute becomes one of the best in the region.