Bread Making Experience



Enaam's Shrak making experience is not only an opportunity to learn the traditional techniques of bread-making but also a chance to connect with the local community and culture of Aqaba. Enaam's warm hospitality and passion for preserving this heritage make for a welcoming and enriching experience that allows visitors to immerse themselves in the local way of life.

In addition to learning the bread-making process, guests can enjoy a relaxing atmosphere in Enaam's backyard, surrounded by the beautiful scenery of Aqaba. The experience also includes a tasting of traditional Aqaba dishes, which are prepared by Enaam herself, giving guests a true taste of the local cuisine.

This tourism experience not only provides visitors with a unique and memorable opportunity but also supports the local community's economic growth and development. By participating in this experience, visitors are directly contributing to the preservation of local heritage and empowering local women like Enaam to share their skills and traditions with the world.

1-2 Hours
Group Size
Family Friendly

Hosted by

Enaam Al-Ananbeh

Enaam Al-Ananbeh, a dedicated mother of four and a passionate advocate for Jordanian cultural traditions. Enaam's love for baking and her desire to share the authentic Jordanian way of making shark bread inspired her dream of opening her own shop. Faced with limited space, Enaam strives to expand her project, turning it into a remarkable cultural Jordanian breakfast experience for tourists. With each loaf of freshly baked shark bread, Enaam hopes to transport visitors into the heart of Jordan's culinary heritage, offering them a taste of tradition and a warm, welcoming breakfast experience. Support Enaam on this delightful journey as she brings the flavors and warmth of Jordanian culture to life through her passion for baking.