Biscuit House



For some mouthwatering Jordanian delicacies, visit "Biscuit House" located in The Royal Academy for the Conservation of Nature in Ajloun. An experience luxurious in flavor and views.

After settling on the choice of making your own Kusmat (bread) or Maamoul (traditional biscuits), you will be guided by local hands and premium local ingredients.

Happy baking alongside a steaming cup of aromatic tea and a magical view overlooking Ajloun's Forests!

1-2 Hours
Group Size
Family Friendly

Hosted by

Anwar Shwayyat

Anwar Shwayyat is a mother of 5 who runs a project that provides visitors with a traditional baking experience of Kusmat (bread) or Maamoul (traditional biscuits) in collaboration with local women. She is grateful to have a job that she finds fulfilling and hopes to grow her project enough to open branches in Jordan and beyond. However, she is currently facing financial difficulties and needs support to increase exposure for her Biscuit House project and share her passion with more visitors.