Between the Arts of Culinary & Handicrafts

Al Karak


In the heart of Hanaa mix-and-match project, she offers a unique experience that blends culinary mastery and traditional craftsmanship. Hanaa opens her porch to those eager to explore the world of homemade cheese-making, barley coffee brewing, and the intricate art of crafting straw plates from natural materials. The journey includes the process of transforming milk into cheese, experiencing the magic of making handmade jam paired with fresh cheese, and savoring the complexity of barley coffee from scratch. Engage in the preparation of the famous dish Maqlouba and learn the art of creating decorative items from hay and banana tree leaves. Beyond the skills shared, Hanaa's dedication shines through, overcoming marketing challenges and aspiring to expose her unique projects to a broader audience, turning each encounter into a shared moment of joy and education.

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1-2 Hours
Group Size
Family Friendly

Hosted by

Hanaa Abu Bdairi

Meet Hanaa Abu Bdairi, a dedicated mother of five whose passion ignited in 2021, leading her to envision and create a one-of-a-kind mix-and-match experience for visitors. Her skill set extends to crafting straw plates from hay and banana tree leaves, offering a unique blend of culinary and traditional craftsmanship. Despite the challenges posed by being away from urban centers, Hanaa remains committed to sharing her skills and experiences. Her aim is simple but powerful – to expose her mix-and-match projects to a wider audience, turning each encounter into a shared moment of learning, dedication, and the joy of crafting something extraordinary.