Beit Sweimeh

Balqa - Dead Sea


Beit Sweimeh extends a warm embrace, inviting all to explore nearby attractions. This heritage restaurant stands as a culinary gem, guided by skilled local women crafting authentic dishes. It proudly presents organic, locally produced delights like pickles, virgin oil, and olive oil. Alongside these, Beit Sweimeh showcases a diverse range of locally made products, including handmade soaps and accessories. Immerse yourself in the revival of traditional games that evoke nostalgia.

A highlight of the place is the conversion of kitchen leftovers into usable gas, offering an innovative and eco-friendly element that captivates visitors. Inclusive workshops enrich the atmosphere, making handmade crafts and accessories catering to varied interests of tourists and visitors alike.

Under Sireen's leadership, Beit Sweimeh thrives as a cultural and culinary haven. Heritage cuisine shines, local women's skills are celebrated, and eco-consciousness is a priority—transforming food waste into energy. Collaborations with farmers provide educational experiences, while revived traditional games and crafts offer an authentic touch for all. Sireen's vision propels Beit Sweimeh beyond its current success, embodying a commitment to lasting cultural and culinary influence.

3-4 Hours
Group Size
Family Friendly

Hosted by

Sireen Al Sharif

Sireen Al Sharif

Sireen Al-Sharif is a passionate advocate for women's empowerment and sustainable tourism development. In 2021, she addressed the employment challenges faced by young women in the Sweimeh area by founding Beit Sweimeh. Recognizing the potential for tourism growth in the region, Sireen envisioned a project that would not only support local women but also contribute to the area's economic and cultural development. Sireen's ambition knows no bounds; her dream for Beit Sweimeh extends beyond its current success. She envisions further growth and impact for the project in the future.