Beit Al Ward Aqaba



Beit Al Ward Tourism House is an initiative that empowers local community women and people with special needs while offering visitors to Aqaba a range of authentic tourism experiences. The charming old house, built 45 years ago, boasts unique interior designs that reflect the history of Aqaba.

Visitors can participate in traditional cooking classes, experience "Simsimiyya" players, try bottled sand, get henna art, learn bread-making, and more. These activities offer a unique opportunity to explore and learn about Aqaba's rich culture and traditions while supporting the local community's economic growth.

Beit Al Ward Tourism House is an excellent choice for tourists who want to enjoy a range of authentic cultural experiences while contributing to the local community's economic growth and development.

1-4 Hours
Group Size
Family Friendly

Hosted by

Rania Al Nasaa

Rania's project, established in 2021, focuses on providing sustainable tourism experiences and selling handmade products while supporting the local community, especially women and staff with special needs. Despite the challenges, Rania remains determined to make a positive impact and continues to strive for even greater success with her project. By supporting the local community through sustainable tourism and empowering women and staff with special needs, Rania's project is making a difference in the lives of many in Aqaba.