Beit Al-Fukhar Wal Taboun



To experience rural heritage, the House of Pottery and Taboun, run by local women that have kept the traditions of their grandmothers still alive, is the place to go. These women create pottery and knead taboun bread the same way it has been done for generations before.

The journey begins in the backyard of a traditional - by looks and heart - house in Ajloun, where tens of handmade clay Taboun ovens where fashioned by your host - "Khadejah". Following your welcoming cup of warm tea, you will be given the opportunity to knead the dough and use the Taboun clay ovens to bake your own bread - that will later on accompany a heart and belly warming traditional meal.

1-2 Hours
Group Size
Family Friendly

Hosted by

Khadejah Bani Saeed

Khadejah Bani Saeed is a proud and determined Jordanian woman who has been running a family project for over 15 years. With a family of 10 to support, she is dedicated to preserving the legacy of her family's project that was passed down from her father. As the project holds deep personal and cultural significance to her, Khadejah is driven to keep it alive for future generations to enjoy. She warmly welcomes international guests to experience the traditional hospitality of Jordan, serving a variety of dishes cooked in a traditional Taboun oven. Her hope is to share the rich cultural heritage of her family's project with the world and ensure its preservation for generations to come.