Beit Al-Beiruti



At Beit Al-Beiruti (an old house in Madaba) you will get a briefing on the historical background of the home, as well as the archaeological and religious sites in Madaba, where they are thoroughly explained to you throughout the experience. Beit Al-Beiruti is where culture and traditions meet in one location.

You can book a range of activities at Beit Al-Beiruiti including; cooking classes for traditional foods, henna art drawings, Noll weaving, trying traditional attire, Mosaic, Al Sija game, and much more!

Experience the richness of Madaba's heritage and immerse yourself in its vibrant culture at Beit Al-Beiruti.

1-2 Hours
Group Size
Family Friendly

Hosted by

Sahar Barqawi

Sahar Barqawi

Sahar's background in travel and tourism gave her a unique perspective on the industry and the changing needs and desires of modern travelers. She saw an opportunity to create a Hub that would allow travelers to explore new destinations and cultures in a more immersive and meaningful way, while also supporting local communities and businesses. With this vision in mind, Sahar founded her local experiences Hub, due in part to Sahar's commitment to authenticity and sustainability. She works closely with locals to ensure that the experiences they offer are authentic and respectful of local customs and traditions. She also promotes responsible travel practices and supports local businesses and conservation efforts.