Bedouin Experience

Al Azraq


Embrace your soul for a day-trips worth of a genuine Bedouin lifestyle. The experience starts in a Bedouin tent where you will be warmly welcomed with an Arabic-Bedouin coffee and briefed about the Bedouin culture that has been misconceived.

Live life like a Bedouin by learning how to; create Arabic Kohol, milk goats, make sour buttermilk, weave wool, and unforgettably experience the making and tasting of Bedouin dishes like Mansaf & Rashouf for lunch, or Gallayeh for breakfast.

To top your day off, enjoy Lazagyat - a delectable Bedouin dessert.

1-2 Hours
Group Size
Family Friendly

Hosted by

Nouf Al-Fayez

Nouf Al-Fayez, a mother of 7, aims to empower women in her community by providing training courses in the kitchen, tourism, and hospitality sector to keep the heritage and culture alive within younger generations, as well as providing job opportunities. She is dedicated to providing visitors with a unique Bedouin life experience, teaching them traditional skills such as creating Arabic Kohol, milking goats, making sour buttermilk, weaving wool and experiencing the making and tasting of Bedouin dishes such as Mansaf & Rashouf for lunch, or Gallayeh for breakfast. Despite facing societal difficulties as a woman, Nouf is passionate about her project, which aims to maintain pride in the traditions, culture, and heritage of her community. Her ultimate goal is to support women in selling their home-produced goods to support their families.