Balqawi Wedding

Al Salt


The Balqawi Wedding Experience simulates authentic wedding ceremonies of the governorate of Al Balqa, to which Al Salt belongs. Through live performances, you will have the opportunity to live the real authentic wedding experience.

You will be part of this interactive experience, where you will try the traditional groom/bride gown, wear all the related accessories, and celebrate wedding traditions while dancing and eating some delectable desserts.

2 Hours
Group Size
Family Friendly

Hosted by

Hussein Al Saket

Hussein Al Saket, with 5-6 years of experience in the tourism industry, is the first verified tour experience provider on TripAdvisor in Al Salt. He specializes in creating tangible, immersive experiences for tourists that highlight the rich cultural heritage of Jordan. One such experience is the Balqawi Wedding, which allows tourists to participate in a live wedding atmosphere and learn about traditional wedding customs in Al Salt. His ultimate goal is to create similar informative wedding experiences for all 12 governorates in Jordan. Despite facing challenges such as skepticism about his youth, difficulty in networking, and destructive competition, Hussein remains committed to promoting the cultural heritage of his country and benefiting local communities through tourism.