Bait Al-Mouneh



You can make a quick pit stop at Bait Al-Mouneh, where your meal is prepared by a local host and accompanied with the cultural and historical essence of Ajloun.

Kefa Al-Zghoul; your host, a local chef specialized in Ajlouns delicious cuisine, and a small business owner that produces her own Herbs and Pickles from the blooming lands of Ajloun.

Bait Al-Mouneh translates to 'Home of provisions', a name chosen for place that offers a local food experience for tourists visiting Ajloun, as well as a shop provisioning you with local produce of herbs and pickles.

1-2 Hours
Group Size
Family Friendly

Hosted by

Kefa Al-Zghoul

Kefa Al-Zghoul, a trained chef with experience in tourism, desires to establish an unforgettable home for visitors to Ajloun. She intends to accomplish this by ensuring consistency in the quality of her services, which include traditional meals prepared by her and a shop where visitors can purchase her handmade pickles and herbs. Kefa aspires to increase awareness of her project and provide more visitors with a taste of Ajloun.