Aqaba Marine Folklore Dance & Music



The Aqaba Marine Group for Folklore Art is a tourism experience that offers a glimpse into the cultural heritage of Aqaba. Founded by Ismail in 1980, the experience includes a folkloric musical show and insight into the daily life of Aqaba's fishermen.

The band performs local Aqaba songs and uses traditional instruments like the "Simsimiyya," incorporating dancing into their performance. The fishing net prop showcases the techniques and practices of Aqaba's hard-working fishermen, giving visitors insight into the importance of fishing in Aqaba's history and culture.

It's a must-see experience for anyone interested in Aqaba's cultural heritage.

2 Hours
Group Size
Family Friendly

Hosted by

Ismail Mahmoud

Ismail Mahmoud

Ismail's passion for the simsimiyya instrument and his desire to share its beauty and significance with others have driven him to embark on his own project. Continuously crafting simsimiyya souvenirs and performing with his group at local events, Ismail aims to expand his project's reach. He aspires to share his extensive knowledge of the simsimiyya with a broader audience, with the ultimate goal of preserving and promoting this unique aspect of Aqaba's cultural heritage.