Bayt Al-Sultana B'n'B



Discover Bayt al Sultana Guesthouse, a hidden gem in Jerash, where enchantment meets nature's beauty. Enjoy breathtaking views of the lush Dibeen forest and captivating sunsets that add to the allure of this remarkable destination. Experience the essence of local culture through diverse activities like hadab making, soap making, Tatreez (embroidery), knitting, and more. Each workshop leaves you with cherished memories and a deep appreciation for the heritage. Indulge in delightful culinary experiences with live bread making using authentic olive oil for breakfast. Lunch offers an open buffet with dishes to suit every palate, and personalized preferences are catered to.

Cozy and inviting accommodation awaits you, with three rooms to choose from. One room is exclusively for women, while two rooms on the roof have a shared bathroom for convenience. Beyond the typical guesthouse, Bayt al Sultana invites you to sip coffee, knit, and cook, immersing yourself in the local culture and creating a sense of belonging. This hidden retreat offers extraordinary vistas, artistic workshops, and mouthwatering delights. Whether a seasoned traveler or a first-time guest, Bayt al Sultana promises an unforgettable stay, blending charm, tranquility, and cultural appreciation for all who step through its doors.

2-3 hours
Group Size
Family Friendly

Hosted by

Nabila Al-Zo'ubi

Nabila Al-Zoubi, also known as Al-Sultana, a loving mother of six, a dedicated businesswoman, and a tireless advocate for women's empowerment. She is the proud owner of Bayt al Sultana, and President of the Future Women Charitable Association. Nabila's compassion shines through her actions, as she voluntarily donated her own house to support the activities and training sessions of the Future Women Charitable Association. Her selflessness and support for the women from the association extend even further, as she employs them at her guesthouse on a rotating basis, providing them with financial support and valuable work experience. Despite initial challenges, Nabila's determination, along with family support, led to the success of her guesthouse. Her vision includes expanding the guesthouse, creating an oak treehouse for a unique accommodation experience, and opening another guesthouse in Dibeen, demonstrating her commitment to uniting people from diverse backgrounds.